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January 31, 2023

it was all a dream, i used to read word up magazine

Today, as I began to read over the beginnings of the introduction – I started to pay close attention to every little detail in the body of work. I must say in the beginning that the writer is good at what she accomplished during her journey writing a dissertation. I was able to see the problem, how she collected her data, analyzed it, and then the framework that she used to examine the themes that came from the data retrieved. I like how she has the freedom to write but still used structure to make all of this work. The introduction begins with her discussing the entire project and then she is able to give more about her background as the researcher. I believe that she understands how to really use autoethnography and took advantage of it every chance that she has received up until the point where I ended. I highlighted excerpts in purple, blue, green, yellow, and read. I went back to the first page to make sure that what she said she was doing; she was doing it. I found her two research questions immediately. It’s as if this process and finding this dissertation was set by GOD himself for me to find, because this is definitely making so much sense to me now. I do not feel lost as if I am going in the wrong direction with the methodology I have chosen. I now need to look at the framework that I want to use to examine the data. I am now headed to the literature review.

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