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I was encouraged in my last meeting by my Cho-Chairs to read a dissertation to be able to write one. Scrolling through the University of North Texas UNT Dissertation Database, I found what I was looking for in my last (9) hours of coursework. I have decided The work I am reading this semester to understand the mechanics of developing a dissertation is entitled: Through the Eyes of an African American Female Educator: An Autoethnography of Culture and Race, by Delltro Sipho. When I think about AUTOETHONOGRAPHY, I feel peace, energy, and the right to be the narrator and participant in the research process. These are my first thoughts about the opening pages of her work (Sipho, 2019.). Turning through the first set of pages, I understand the template given to use by the graduate school. The introduction that she provided is creatively written and provides clear reasoning for doing a work of this caliber in this way, using autoethnography as her methodology to build the entire. I feel I have found my kindred sister from afar, and she so happens to now be a guiding light to help me through this process. 

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