Welcome to BGLAM! My name is kYmberly Keeton. I am a Information Science PhD Student at the University of North Texas, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies. My research interests are Black Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums, Community Archives, Art History, and Entrepreneurship. The theoretical frameworks that will be used for my dissertation include Autoethnography, Phenomenology, and Action Research. Through this blog portfolio, I will share field notes, personal subjectivity, scholarship, news, and visualizations featuring my research. Feedback is appreciated; explore, read, or comment about my research at your leisure. #allmyfriendsreadbooks

Earth Sermon, Beauty, Love And Peace
Alma Woodsey Thomas, 1971, Fair Use
Still Life – Chair and Flowers
William H. Johnson, 1945, Fair Use
Meeting Place
Norman Lewis, 1941, Fair Use