My first semester as a Ph.D. student began in Fall 2020. If I had the time to pen a novel it would start off with entering this journey in a global pandemic.

Doctoral Experiences

Knowledge Acquisition
(2020 – Present)
One of the best moments thus far in my learning phase as a doctoral student is discovering the possibilities of using Action Research, Autoethnography, and Phenomenology as frameworks and Blogging as a method.

(2020 – Present)
Taking a leap of faith and applied for a fellowship in my second year of studies. I am grateful for receiving the University of North Texas – Department of Information Science, Mark E. Rorvig Endowed Graduate Fellowship Award.

This moment gave me life indeed as a creative doctoral student, receiving an acceptance letter from the Association of African American Museums and Howard University School of Business as a member of the first Advanced Executive Training for American Museum Professionals Cohort.

Personal Strengths
(2020 – Present)
I believe that continuing to understand that the world that we live in is no longer the same at the start of a new decade has forced me to personally put on my best self. I do not take my privilege lightly, nor am I apologetic about my Blackness and voice as a writer in academia. I continue to believe that being collaborative, transparent, and respectable as the highest forms of professionalism.

Areas of Improvement
(2020 – Present)
Honestly, I believe that discipline, exercise, and the writing process for the next stage (dissertation) will be the areas in which I will thrive to become better and excel.